You can see the full video tutorial and photo tutorial for how to hem pants by hand here. Turn pants right side out and wear. Do they catch on the back of your heels? Pick the stitches out of the elastic and set them aside, or if you like, use new elastic. "I have uniform pants for high school that were too long. Grab a ruler and measure the distance from the edge of the pants to your desired hemline. If you don't have a seam ripper you can use a small, sharp knife or a pair of nail scissors to do the job. Step 6 Release the stitches in the vertical seams of the section of cuff you turn up for the distance you turn up the cuff, that should allow the narrower bottom of the leg to spread out enough to prevent puckering in the wider section up the leg. Check yourself out in the mirror. To make sure your hem is extra straight you’ll need to mark 3″ from the bottom (or however much you need to hem) of each pant leg. Sew away. Ideally, the hem fold must hit the floor from the back of your heel. Wiggle out of your pants and turn them inside out. Measure the length of what needs to be removed and mark where your new hem will be with a fabric marker. I like to start a few inches before the inseam. Note: These photos show light-colored thread so it's easy to see, but you should always use matching thread so the stitches don't show as much. shows you how to hem pants by hand step by step! Watch this video to learn a must-know fashion-saving skill. What do I do with the leftover materials after cutting the hem? Dress pants should be worn with heels of the appropriate height. The first step is to fold your pant leg inside to see how much you want to take off. Make adjustments as necessary. Take off the pants; turn them inside out. Hem Pants With Iron-On Hem Tape. What do you do when you turn up the hem and you get puckers because the pants leg increases in width? That's because almost any shoe adds height, which affects the length of the pants. It's also important to wear the type of shoes that you intend to wear with the pants. Using a matching thread color to the pants, topstitch in the ditch of the new "hem". When you're finished trimming, use straight pins to pin the fabric back in place about 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the hemline. Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions before you use these materials. Bring the needle up through the top edge of the folded hem. You don't have to rely on a tailor or keep letting your pants drag on the floor. Also, make sure you have the right needle. Then, before you start hemming, use pinking shears to cut off any excess fabric past the 1 ½ inch mark, and turn the cuffs under so they won't be seen. Learn how to hem pants and you'll always have the fit you need. (You'll want to turn the pants inside out.) me how to measure, etc. Press the hem with an iron to crease the bottom edge. Add a comment . 6. Pull the pant leg opening really tight and then fold it upwards. After you've ironed a section, lift the cuff gently to make sure that the tape has fused with the fabric to hold the hem in place before moving on. Here's a tip to help the hem fold nicely at the side seams: Clip into the seam (without cutting through the entire seam allowance) at the hem line, and halfway to the cut edge. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 460,769 times. See Step 1 to get started. So, you can forget about problems with pant legs being too long or not being sure on how to hem pants. Insert pins perpendicular to the folded edge of the fabric. Measure all the way around both legs to make sure that the fold is even, pinning as you go. These usually fall out after a wash or two. Altering the length of trousers or other pants is easy for any beginning sewist and you don't even need a sewing machine! Edit . Use a ruler or a measuring tape to make sure both pant legs will be hemmed to the same length. Use a measuring tape if necessary to ensure the hem is the same length all the way around. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. It is the one seam you shouldn’t worry about as it’s over your boots anyway. When deciding how to hem pants, it is best to try and mimic the original hem to maintain the style. Make sure the tape is completely straight around the bottom of both pant legs. I have been working with fusible tape of various types for over 30 years and I do not use it to hem pants of any kind because it just doesn't turn out that well 90% of the time. She is the author of “Stitch Love: Sweet Creatures Big & Small.”, Gather Your Materials and Prepare the Hem, How to Sew a Book Cover With Zippered Pocket, How to Sew a Gathered Dress With Elastic Thread, How to Make a Pair of Pants, Step by Step, A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Bell-Bottom Pants. At this point you may carefully try on the pants once more to ensure that the hem will fall exactly where you want it. Thanks. Pin the hem in place. This is the most preferred style of wearing yoga pants. Measure all the way around both legs to make sure that the fold is even, pinning as you go. How to hem your pants. No need to purchase special threads or hit seams with a mallet. Step 3 - Flip the pants inside out and unfold the hem. Turn your pants inside out. Fold the bottom of your pants along the marked line, pressing it down over the tape with one hand.