Quickly identifies the central or underlying issues in a complex situation. Financial - Efficiency: Transaction Processing & Reporting % Skills Gap: Business - Impact: Training & Development % Internal Survey Score (Cost of Service Questions) (HR Manager's Dept.) 6. Recognizes the business concerns and perspectives of others. Provides helpful, behaviorally specific feedback to others. Possesses in-depth knowledge and skill in a technical area. University SHRA Annual Performance Appraisal Form Rev. Total Employees per Policy & Benefits Employee Headcount Ratio – Total number of staff members at the end of the preceding year divided by the total number of compensation employees at the culmination of that year. KPIs For System Network Database Administrator. Note: We’re not suggesting nor advocating for you to begin measuring all of these KPIs. HR Recruiting & Hiring Expense as a Percentage of Total HR Expense – Total HR Recruiting & Hiring related expense divided by total HR Team expense, as a percentage. Encourages individuals and groups to set their own goals, consistent with business goals. Create Construction technician KPIs … Conveys a command of the relevant facts and information. Capacity to come up with efficient solutions by taking an integrated, conceptual, or theoretical outlook. Total Expense: Compensation per Compensation Employee – Total dollar expenses in offering compensation services during the preceding year divided by the total number of compensations employees at the culmination of that year. Earned value (EV) 67. Total Headcount: College/MBA Recruiting – Total number of workers in the firm’s college/MBA recruiting office by degree. Sets up procedures to ensure high quality of work (e.g., review meetings). Percentage of Premium Covered (Employee and Dependents) – The percentage of health insurance benefits that are paid for by the firm for plans that protect the employee and his/her dependents. HR Expense per Firm-Wide Employee – Total HR Department expenditure incurred by the firm divided by the total number of enterprise-wide FTEs. Because HR departments must supervise a company’s recruitment, key performance indicators measure the assistant’s performance in helping to find qualified workers and adjust them to the organization. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Develops and uses systems to organize and keep track of information or work progress. We serve most industry types effectively. This is one of our HR KPI examples that shouldn’t be neglected in times of shortage of skilled workers and the associated "war for talents." Listens attentively to people’s ideas and concerns. Employees who are not happy will leave to find employment where they can be happy at work. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. 9am – 5:00pm EST This KPI measures the executive assistant’s ability to develop effective training programs. Competencies of managing performance for employees. Litigation Claims by Type – The number of lawsuits against the firm categorized by claim type: unlawful termination, unjust compensation, sexual assault, discrimination. Ensures that regular, consistent communication takes place. Competencies dealing with business in strategic thinking. Human Resources KPIs measure and evaluate all levels of employees who work within the Human Resource sector. HR managers together with its employees can reduce percentage in average employment rate by 10% and even lesser. Percentage of Positions Filled Externally – The total percentage of jobs occupied by external candidates compared to the overall number of new employees over a specific term. Read more about our experience in serving specific industries. What is the key role of a HR in a company? The concerned Wings of FBR particularly IR (Operations), Tax Payers’ Audit (TPA) and HRM will monitor effective implementation of the JDs and KPIs. Expresses ideas clearly and concisely in writing. Personal Workspace – Employee maintains a clean and tidy workspace. Says or does things to address others’ concerns. Sample kpi for administrative assistant. Simply send us your job descriptions and we will set up your evaluations. Number of Interviewers per Day – Average number of interviews for every applicant interviewed. They identify job openings, create job descriptions, develop an effective hiring program, evaluate applicants and hire the right talent. ER Expense per Employee – Total dollar expense in offering employee relations services during the preceding year divided by the total number of staff members at the end of that year. Enlists experts or third parties to influence others. The happier and more satisfied employees are, the higher the engagement levels, the greater the productive output, and the higher the organization’s profitability figures. Tracking this metric is vital because it indicates how long employees will remain with the organization. Promptly notifies his/her manager about any problems that affect his/her ability to accomplish planned goals. HR Benefits Administration Expense per Firm-Wide Employee – Total expenditure associated with employee compensation administration divided by the total number of firm-wide FTEs. Related: Human Capital Management Consultant, Human Capital Management Analyst, Human Capital Management Specialist, Human Capital Management Associate. Develops technical solutions to new or highly complex problems that cannot be solved using existing methods or approaches. Expresses confidence in others’ ability to be successful. Benefits & Compensation Headcount Ratio – The number of total workers (firm-wide) for each remuneration and compensation employee. Is open with other team members about his/her concerns. Key Performance Indicators for a Personal Assistant. Self-management competencies personal credibility, Self-management competencies stress management. Understands the unspoken meaning in a situation. Personally develops a new method or approach. Included in this bundle are: A List of SMART goal and objective examples for Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Administrative Assistants; A SMART objectives template for Assistants to set their performance goals HR Compensation Administration Expense per Firm-Wide Employee – Total expenditure related to employee compensation administration divided by the total number of firm-wide FTEs. Ensures that all team members are treated fairly. Seeks out others involved in a situation to learn their perspectives. Recognizes and encourages the behaviors that contribute to teamwork. HR KPI Examples. HR Management Levels – Number of executive levels in HR from office head to the lowest executive level. Ensures that everyone understands and identifies with the unit’s mission. Gives people assignments that will help develop their abilities. Improve new hire 90-day failure rate – The new hire 90-day failure rate measures the number of new employees who do not make it through the first 90-day period. The health care cost per employee – The health care cost per employee measures the total cost of health care incurred by the company for all of its employees, including the health insurance premiums, for each employee working for the company irrespective of whether they are covered under its health plan. Free download: The HR KPI Library. Number of Training and Development Staff – Number of HR employees dedicated to training and development firm-wide. In this tutorial we will use four essential group of performance indicator in area of HR. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Finds creative ways to make people’s work rewarding. Provides opportunities for people to learn to work together as a team. Understands the interests and important concerns of others. Expresses confidence in the ability of others to be successful. These valuable KPIs can help optimise candidate sourcing, streamline recruitment process, and help retain employees. Human Resource Key performance Indicators – KPI examplesEmployee Development Key performance Indicators – KPI examplesFinance and Business Key performance Indicators – KPI examplesHealth and Safety Key performance Indicators – KPI examplesEnvironmental Key performance Indicators – KPI examplesKey performance Indicator – KPI overviewGo to our main Key Performance Indicator (KPI) page Average Requisition Days on Hold: Managers – Average number of days job postings for managerial level positions were postponed during the hiring procedure. Seeks out and builds relationships with others who can provide information, intelligence, career support, potential business, and other forms of help. The NPS is based on this direct question, and it is scored on a scale from 0-10. We’ve assembled a collection of sample Key Performance Indicators for you to use as a starting point when building scorecards. Takes significant action to develop skills needed for effectiveness in current or future job. Takes the lead in setting new business directions, partnerships, policies, or procedures. Total Headcount: Compensation – Total number of workers devoted to the compensation office. Candidate Notification Cycle Time – Percentage of staff members who abandon the company after the initial year divided by the total number of staff members within that year. Competencies dealing with people in empowering others. Uses appropriate grammar and choice of words in oral speech. Seeks performance feedback from his/her manager and from others with whom he/she interacts on the job. • 11 performance appraisal methods Capacity to draft and present oral and written communications that influence and entice relevant audiences. By contrast, a personal assistant working for an entertainment celebrity might be asked to take the celebrity's dog to the vet or make a quick run to the dry cleaner. Organizes written ideas clearly and signals the organization to the reader (e.g., through an introductory paragraph or through use of headings). Recruiting Events per School – Average number of recruiting efforts handled per school, including both full-time and summer apprentice recruitment. Capacity to foresee the indications and repercussions of situations and take the right action to be ready for any probabilities. Can effectively handle several problems or tasks at once. Total Expense: Training and Development Expense – Total amount of training and development expenditure for the past year, involving all charge backs to the company. First Year of Service Turnover – Percentage of total expenditure related to HR Recruiting & Hiring compared to the total HR office expenditure. The entire organization needs to save money, including HR. Payroll Expense per Employee – Total dollar expenses in providing payroll during the past year divided by the total number of workers at the end of that year. Training & Development Headcount Ratio – The number of company-wide employees per employee under the training and development division. Work/life balance KPI • Number of active flexible work agreements • Number of active working from home agreements • Number of active job sharing agreements 4. Improve engagement surveys – The engagement survey measures the extent to which employees feel valued at your company. In a corporate setting, a personal assistant may answer phones, manage calendars and read email, among other duties. Average Requisition Days on Hold: Staff – Average number of days job postings for staff level positions were postponed during the hiring procedure. Business Pool to Individual Compensation Cycle Time – Average number of days from the point the business group remuneration pool is determined until individual compensation selections are made. Identify Key Result Areas for the Construction technician. Deals firmly and promptly with performance problems; lets people know what is expected of them and when. Competencies dealing with business in fostering innovation. Notices trends in the industry or marketplace and develops plans to prepare for opportunities or problems. We have compiled 18 KPIs across four different areas. Adding real-time tracking adds value to the KPI measurement and prevents any long-term negative trends from interfering with organizational success. Takes a personal interest in others (e.g., by asking about their concerns, interests, family, friends, hobbies) to develop relationships. Acknowledges and thanks to people for their contributions. Competencies dealing with people in attention to communication. Creates a graphic diagram showing a systems view of a situation. Expert HR advice is available to all customers free of charge. Shares ideas and information with others who might find them useful. Cycle Time of Enrollment – Number of weeks needed for a new employee to be fully admitted in the company’s benefits policy. ProjectManagement com Key Performance Indicators. Competencies dealing with people in establishing focus. Competencies dealing with business in conceptual thinking. Capacity to convey oneself coherently in discussions and interactions with others. Related: Employee & Labor Relations Specialist, HR Representative, Employee Relations Manager. Turnover Rate: Involuntary – The total percentage of forced separations over a specific term compared to the total number of  company-wide staff members. Discover how working with us will help you realize your full potential while helping others achieve theirs, Learn why customers from across the world find AssessTEAM simple to deploy and use. Offers support for others’ ideas and proposals. Gives honest and constructive feedback to other team members. If this metric is high, then your employees are not as engaged as they should be. Related: HR Generalist, HR Coordinator, HR Admin, HR Manager. Last but least, we will point you in the right direction for goal setting and objectives for Executive and Personal Assistants. Aug 22, 2017. Lets customers know he/she is willing to work with them to meet their needs. HR KPIs for understanding your culture. These performance metrics can be applied to most areas of a business from finance and sales, to employee and customer retention. HR Generalist Staff Percentage – The total percentage of HR workers compared to the number of HR generalists. The 4 KPIs Every Manager Has To Use LinkedIn. Recognizes and reinforces people’s developmental efforts and improvements. Has a strong sense of urgency about solving problems and getting work done. Transfer Request Ratio – Number of transfer applications accepted from staff members during the last year divided by the total number of workers at the start of the year. They identify job openings, create job descriptions, develop an effective hiring program, evaluate applicants and hire the right talent. % HR Department SG&A to Revenue: Financial - Efficiency: KPIs and Continuous Improvement % Variance to Expense Budget (HR Manager's Dept.) Accommodation and Food Services Administrative and Support; Waste … KPIs for Sales - The 12 Key Metrics You Should Be Tracking . Improve absenteeism – The absenteeism KPI measures the extent to which employees show up for work every day. Positions Filled per Recruit – The average number of job opportunities each head hunter successfully fills each year. Employee suggestion box – The employee satisfaction box KPI measures the extent to which employees use this option to express their views about the business, including their relationships with their peers, direct reports, and managers. These sample KPIs reflect common metrics for both departments and industries. Competencies dealing with business in results orientation. Expresses ideas concisely in oral speech. Prepares a personal development plan with specific goals and a timeline for their accomplishment. Maintains eye contact when speaking with others. Understands the organization’s strengths and weaknesses as compared to competitors. Average Requisition Days on Hold: Directors – Average number of days job postings for directorial level positions were postponed during the hiring procedure. Competencies dealing with business in diagnostic information gathering. Capacity to exhibit the utmost knowledge and competence in a specialized field. Market Survey Data Processing Cycle Time – Average number of days needed to deal with market survey information from the time data is accepted until the time data is compiled, evaluated, and published. Competencies dealing with people in building collaborative relationships. It is one of the most common ways to measure employee productivity as an average. Especially for young professionals, not only financial aspects play a vital role in employment choice, but also a good work-life balance, flexible working time models, occasional work in the home office and a sustainable and social corporate culture. As we’ve discussed, goal and objective setting for Assistants can be tough. Involves others in a process or decision to ensure their support. Develops better, faster, or less expensive ways to do things. Compliance Training Hours – The average number of hours consumed on compliance-related training in the following fields: performance management, work/life concerns, sexual assault, discrimination, applicant evaluation. Competencies dealing with people in managing change for employees, Capacity to show approval for modernization and for administrative changes necessary to boost the organization’s performance, Competencies dealing with people in managing change for manager/team leader, Institute, promote, and enforce organizational transformation; provide aid to others so they can effectively handle the transformation, Competencies dealing with people in oral communication. Provides assistance to others when they need it. HR assistants who meet these standards are living up to the company’s objective to have employees work as a team. Human Resources KPI Scorecard Template using typical hr kpi metrics and excel gauge charts. Improve production/profitability – The production/profitability KPI measures the rate of productivity versus the company’s profitability metrics. Key Performance Indicators Sample KPI s RapidBI. Capacity to obtain others’ assistance for theories, recommendations, plans, and methods. Is able to let others make decisions and take charge. Sample KPI For Administrative Assistant Related Documents. HR Expense as a Percentage of Total Expense – The percentage of total HR Department expenditure compared to the total enterprise-wide expenditure over the same term. Proposes innovative business deals to potential customers, suppliers, and business partners. Gets more complete and accurate information by checking multiple sources. However, many HR assistants have fundamental knowledge of employee and employer rights and responsibilities. Define operational objectives for Construction technician monthly, quarterly, 6 months, yearly. Capacity to concentrate on the outcome of one’s own or one’s team’s performance, establish ambitious goals, direct efforts on the goals, and fulfill or exceed them. 4. Anticipates how others will react to a situation. Gives people latitude to make decisions in their own sphere of work. Competencies dealing with business in technical expertise. Anticipates possible problems and develops contingency plans in advance. Span of Control: HR – The average number of HR personnel reporting to every HR supervisor. Helps employees to develop a clear understanding of what they will need to do differently, as a result of changes in the organization. If you need more KPI materials for hr assistant, Accurately anticipates the implications of events or decisions for various stakeholders in the organization and plans strategy accordingly. Average Turnover Percentage – Average number of staff members who abandon the firm annually divided by the total number of staff members at the beginning of the same year, as percent. The HR assistant helps with the implementation of services, policies, and programs aimed at maintaining a safe, positive environment in a company, as well as the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce. Tailors written communications to effectively reach an audience. Making sure that one’s own and other’s performance and reports are thorough and valid; rigorously prepare for meetings and presentations; see to it that agreements and obligations have been completed. Healthcare Expense per Covered Employee – The average amount of health insurance costs accumulated by the firm, for each staff member protected by company health insurance. Rather, you can use this extensive list to get an idea of what like-minded organizations may be looking at, research KPIs from other lists, and then decide upon the critical few KPIs that are in line with your unique strategy. Market Data Sources – Sources for acquiring market information, by data percentage. D. HR KPI. Develops other indirect strategies to influence others. Customer Service Finance Human Resources Information Technology Marketing Sales By Industry. Number of formal union grievances KPI Uses an appropriate business writing style. Human resources Key Performance Indicators are designed to measure and evaluate all levels of employees who work within the Human Capital or Resource sector. HR … Encourages groups to resolve problems on their own; avoids prescribing a solution. Cost variance (CV) (planned budget vs. actual budget) 68. Capacity to communicate coherently in business writing. Respects the confidentiality of information or concerns shared by others. A diverse employee pool results in vibrant, healthy work culture and improves employee engagement. Participant Opt-Out Percentage – Percentage of members who opted out of the benefits program compared to the total number of qualified employees.
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